Why Minimal Mess?

Minimal Mess has started. It’s started because I don’t live simply enough. It’s started because I have plenty of mess in my life that needs cleaning up.

– Leonardo da Vinci

Late last year I signed up for the Evernote 30-day Paperless Challenge. This challenge was to inspire people to become paperless within thirty days and give enough of a kick start to continue into paperless glory.

For me, this challenge didn’t go so well. The main reason for this was because I was more interested in seeing what other people do with Evernote than actually changing myself. However, what it did spark within me was a desire to cut out a lot of mess that exists in my life. Both in my house, specifically my study, and also in my digital world. Overtime these two areas have built up to such a degree that I can’t remember what I’ve done with important files and whereabouts that bill I was meant to pay is.

Along side this challenge is the build up of about three years of reading and thinking about productivity, simplicity, and minimalism strategies. I’m no expert because of the books I’ve read but I have a passion to see things in life become simpler. For a few years now I’ve been an avid fan of Evernote and Dropbox for my digital files, I’ve sought to simplify my email addresses, I’ve begun reading about minimalism, and am always a sucker for those blog posts highlighting better ways to improve my systems.

So, enter Minimal Mess. The blog that tracks my thoughts on how to make life simpler and perhaps help you gain a new perspective on doing everyday tasks.


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