This Blog Is For The “Simplist”

One of the main aspects of living a minimalist lifestyle is, like the old acronym K.I.S.S., to keep things simple, stupid. This blog is no different.

I’ve decided that in order to get the most out of this blog I need to make the site as simple as possible. There’s no point in choking up the site with a million and one widgets and pictures and tweets when its main aim is to minimise mess.

Therefore, what you see is what you get.

There’s a header with the name of the site, Minimal Mess. There’s a button to take you to the home page, and there’s the About page, to let you know what Minimal Mess is all about (you might like to have a quick peak at the blog’s first post too – it explains a bit more of why Minimal Mess started). On the sidebar there’s a simple button to allow you to follow this blog, or if you don’t have a WordPress username then simply type your email in and you’ll receive these posts via email.

In reality I don’t think there’s anything else needed. Is there?

One mistake I see plenty of blogs making is the attempt to have it all. I certainly made the same mistakes with my old blogs. I’d have links and tweets and comments and pictures and maybe even a calendar all on the sidebar. Then up the top I’d have numerous links to others pages and maybe even a large picture to welcome you to the blog. I think these are superfluous for a “simplist” like me. I’m sure you appreciate it to.

When thinking through this blog it’s important to ask, what’s important and what’s not? Otherwise, it’ll just be stupid, like the rest of them.

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