Liveable Minimalism

There is minimalism and then there is minimalism.


On the continuum of all things minimalism I will openly admit that I’m not the “I only have 12 possessions and can fit them all in a small backpack as I travel the world” type of minimalist. My attitude toward minimalism is all about attitude. The aim of my liveable minimalism is to have an attitude that seeks to live without any extra stuff, stuff I don’t need, or stuff that I’m done with in order to live a life worth living.

In reality, my adventures with what is known as minimalism began a number of years ago. I’ve always been the organised type, seeking to have everything in its right place whether it’s the filing cabinet or the hard drive. However, around three years ago I came across a blog post detailing the ways to get my inbox down to zero, this led to investigating productivity techniques, including GTD, and soon enough I was organising and decluttering the rooms in my house.

Lately minimalism has become more of a focus. Rather than simply organise my stuff I’m getting rid of it. I’ve realised it is the stuff that’s the main problem not poor organisation.

My attitude today can be summarised as:

Keep what I need, discard what I don’t.
Save some special things, but don’t let them bloat.
Give things away and pursue generosity.
Allow time for others and show hospitality.

In essence those four lines capture liveable minimalism. It captures my attitude and my aim through minimising mess.

What about you? Is minimalism the end in itself for you? Is it more pragmatic or is it an attitude? I’d love to know what you think and your story.


5 thoughts on “Liveable Minimalism

  1. I agree! After years of devoting too many hours to organizing stuff I realized that the problem is just too much stuff. I am giving away more and decided not to buy any more non-consumable tangible goods this year. Realizing that no more stuff is coming in for a while is making it more fun to declutter because I know the changes will be lasting! I think by taking action to simplify in even just one area, it affects our attitude. Then we begin to yearn for greater simplicity in other areas. I look forward to following your blog!

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