What I’ve Learnt After 10 Days of iDivorce

Ten days ago I divorced my iPhone.

Photo by: Nessie

This decision wasn’t taken lightly and took about a month or two to finally take action. There’s a sense of apprehension when thinking about giving up something that has a big influence on your life. Yes, it’s true, the iPhone has had a big influence on me, I’m sure it has on you too.

But now, I’m a week without. I’m a week without the silky glass screen, the simple design, the apps that’ve kept me organised, distracted, and allow me to know where I am.

This past week has made me realise a number of things.

First, I’ve learnt that I don’t actually need my iPhone as much as I thought I did.

I’ve been surprised how easy its been to give up my iPhone. I think everyone could do it. I thought I’d need it a lot more, or I would really need it for multiple tasks each day, as it turns out I don’t. Sometimes it’s just the thought of missing something that stops us from making progress or change. This was certainly the case for me, perhaps its the case for you too?

Second, I’ve learnt that I’m much more productive.

One of the perceived benefits of the iPhone is its productivity. This hasn’t been true for me. The last 10 days has been one of the more productive 10 days of the year. It’s enabled me to have more focused time on the projects and tasks that I’ve got on my plate. It’s also allowed me to do things like read, or engage in a TV documentary, or even talk with people I haven’t seen in a while.

Third, I’ve learnt that people know they’re addicted to their phones.

Everyone I’ve spoken to about this change has been highly positive of the move. People that I’m in contact with realise that their phones are distracting them and causing them more harm than good. I’ve been quite surprised at the reaction of people and its been a great encouragement to keep going.

Fourth, I’ve learnt that organisational systems need to work for you.

I’m always interested in the latest thinking about organisational habits. Over the past 5 years this has surrounded the use of technology and how it can help me get things done. However, over the past 10 days I’ve found that the old phone and diary actually work better for me than the constant nagging of the phone and all its apps. The system that helps me get things done needs to work for me and the iPhone may actually be something that doesn’t.

Fifth, I’ve learnt that I wasted hours with my iPhone.

The amount of times I looked at my phone each day must’ve been phenomenal. The time I don’t spend playing around on my mobile device now has allowed me more hours to connect with my wife, get some sleep, and play around with my daughter. I think this has helped life and a sense of greater happiness with it.

These are 5 quick thoughts on what I’ve learnt over the last 10 days. There would be another 5 if I thought harder. But what about you? What have you gained from giving up your mobile device? 

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