Thinking About My Christmas Presents

It’s this time of year where I begin to think about what I’d like for Christmas.

For the last few years our family has done the Kris Kringle thing. This means that names a drawn out of a hat and you need to buy something for your corresponding person to the value of $50. Easy. Sort of.

What our family also has in place is the rule where you give three suggestions to everyone, not knowing who is actually going to give you your present, so that they have an idea of what you’d like.

I’m trying to think of three things I’d like right now.

In the process of thinking through this I’m becoming more and more convinced that Christmas presents need to be about experiences rather than stuff. I’m sick of all the stuff I have, well, a lot of it anyway. I’m sick of getting more and more and more and forking out good money for stuff I won’t be using in a few months time.

So, I’m looking at simply asking for an experience. Perhaps a movie voucher or a restaurant voucher. Something that is tangible that I can use with others and we can go out an enjoy ourselves. Most likely it’ll be used for Date Night sometime in the future.

With Christmas comes the rush to buy more stuff. We don’t need more stuff. I certainly don’t.

What will you be looking to give and to get this Christmas? Do you agree, experiences over stuff?


10 thoughts on “Thinking About My Christmas Presents

  1. The professor completely agrees less on the stuff more on the content. He has too much stuff too. To buy just to buy doesn’t quite set well here. Of course a gift or two… is okay don’t you agree?

    1. Hello Professor!

      Yes, a gift or two is of course appropriate. I’m certainly not being a grinch and saying no presents. In my context I get to think about what I’d like from others and so I think experiences over stuff trumps anyday.

  2. I like getting things I will use up, like chocolate, wine, cheesy popcorn, perfume….These are also things I rarely buy for myself because I see them as luxuries (well, except for the wine, that’s definitely a necessity) But the wine people give as gifts is usually more expensive than what I normally buy. 🙂

  3. This is a great idea! Last year I didn’t have much to spend on my parents so I gave them a small gift to open and a voucher for baseball tickets and theater tickets. They picked what they wanted to go see and we got to go experience it together. And it gave me more time to save up for the tickets. I hope you enjoy the new experiences you get this Christmas!

  4. I agree with this; we always write ‘wish lists’ in our family to give to each other so they have ideas of what we would appreciate getting, which helps, I think!

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