Minimal Writing

To sit down at the computer and write sentence after sentence is a challenge in and of itself. To add further complications to this though is to then attempt to write clearly, using the least amount of words possible.

In this age of Tweets, Posts, and Pins the challenge to write clearly and well in small doses takes time and effort.

Recently, I’ve begun to set myself the assignment of writing a story in 500 words. Sometimes I go over, sometimes I don’t. But the purpose of this project is to help refine my writing so I don’t go on and on.

Part of me was inspired by the six word story attributed to Ernest Hemingway:

For Sale: Baby Shoes. Never Worn.

What an amazing short piece of fiction. At first I was thinking what on earth is this, but then on further reflection you as the reader begin to understand. I understood and then thought this piece was increadible.

I look back on articles and posts unpublished and wonder what I was thinking. The writing is terrible, waffle is everywhere, and if anyone actually read a word they’d wonder whether I passed grade 3 comprehension lessons. It’s discouraging on one hand but then a challenge on the other.

What do you do to keep your writing clear, concise and crapless?


3 thoughts on “Minimal Writing

  1. Anything other than Poetry and I find myself filling the page with tidbits from a-z….like youtube, I look for beaches and 10 minutes later land on how to change your car oil. I admire anyone that can put a short story together 🙂

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