Better Left To The Professionals

Sometimes it’s just better to leave things to the professionals.

Not my real lawn...

A little over a month ago my front yard was covered with weeds. We’d just come back from a long holiday to find that the front garden had exploded, helped by the winter rains and the spring sun. It was a mess.

We have this swing set for our young daughter and the weeds were halfway up it. The path was overgrown with all sorts of different plants and shrubs. The trees had grown too, resulting in the need to cut them back from the power lines.

Needless to say, the garden was a mess. 

It was a mess because nine months earlier The Wife and I had ripped up the front garden so that there was nothing but soil. We hoped to plant grass seed and begin to have the makings of a nice neat lawn. It didn’t happen. Instead we let the mess grow and grow with a little garden work here and there, but nothing like what was needed.

So when we got back from holiday, rather than spend the next three months trying to control it myself, and work toward a fresh lawn, I employed the services of a landscaper. A professional.

In two days I had a transformed front yard. Out went a few tired trees, the weeds, and everything that was there. In went fresh manicured lawn, ready to be watered and looked after over the coming months.

The lesson it taught me was that sometimes it’s better to employ professionals.

While I could have tried to save money and do it myself I know it would never have turned out to be what we got. No matter how hard I tried. Rather then mess around with machines, and rotary hoes, and grass seed, and additional soil, and all that stuff I’d rather make it easier on myself, and most likely my back pocket, by getting someone in.

To me, it just makes sense.


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