Adjusting Your Simplicity

Life is a series of adjustments. There are seasons and stages of life that require us to adjust what we’re doing and what we’re thinking and what we’re feeling. It’s part of life.

Photo by: a4gpa
Photo by: a4gpa

Over two weeks ago I made the adjustment of divorcing my iPhone. It’s been an adjustment that’s required some significant getting used to. I’ve had to use Google Maps on the computer or actually read a hard copy map again. I’ve had to wait a whole 12 hours before logging on and checking my email. I’ve had to stop pulling my phone out of my pocket and checking it to make sure I haven’t missed anything. I’ve had to actually engage in proper conversation with people! I’ve learnt a lot.

This isn’t the only significant change I’ve had to make in recent months though. Over three months ago The Wife and I had the privilege of welcoming a baby girl into our family. Talk about adjustment.

As we’ve entered parenthood we’ve had to learn what’s important to us and what’s not. We’ve had to make adjustments to our wants and needs in order to care for this little one. For the last 3-4 months she’s become the most important person in our life. She’s become our world.

In one respect life has become much simpler. The fact that we now concentrate on developing and caring for this little child is an exercise in simplicity. It’s all about her. Life revolves around her – that’s pretty simple.

On the other hand life becomes more complicated. There are now greater responsibilities upon me and a whole new world of learning for all of us. Questions about when I will exercise, see mates, and be able to do things around the house become more complicated depending on what this little one is doing.

In this respect I need to adjust and ask myself what simplicity now means. There are times and seasons where we need to make adjustments. How this effects our pursuit of simplicity or liveable minimalism is something that we need to think about or adjust.

What are the adjustments you’ve made to accommodate a simpler lifestyle among busy or changing circumstances?